About us:

Integrated Community Development is a diversified firm that specializes in all aspects of real estate development including Land Acquisition, Environmental Law, Entitlement, Design, Finance, Construction, Asset Management, and Property Management. Our goal is to integrate all these principles together to provide communities with developments that uplift neighborhoods and bring people together. Integrate communities, Integrate ideas, Integrate resources, Integrate private and public sector. Bringing communities together. People together. Financing sources together. Industry partners together. In order to provide high quality developments to communities, families, seniors, and the workforce in an efficient manner.

As an active developer, ICD understands the unique needs and challenges in developing in urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Quick Facts:

71 Completed Developments

4,385 Units in Operation

7 Developments Under Construction

748 Units Under Construction

Key Team Members

Charles Brumbaugh


Ben Lingo


Justin Hardt


Jake Lingo